Experimental horror survival with sci-fi and RPG elements. Story of the game is about searching the meaning of life and death. Game is set into the world of Bukkaku. Concept is moved into etirely different world yet to be discovered. I am widening the world i created and developing it in direction you will see in future materials and hopefully eventually play. Watch the social media profiles and information chanels, where i will be adding the progress informations continuously. One of first news will be always in official RZE blog. Therefore we will be happy if you support us by giving us Like, sharing or subscribe our channels. Every moment we will bring some news about the project and other things. Also we welcome any feedback. We are preparing elements from various places around the world for the game. We greatly emphasize popular style called Kawaii. That will be combined with horror elements and Mexican styles. Game project i am currently creating will be placed in asian continents "life-style problematics" with a little bit of Mexico.

Graphical style of the new project is in greater extend purely in vector lines and skewed hexa-lines. Therefore it will contain mainly various crystalline, triangular and sharp edges but rounded shapes as well. Designing in curves allows great many ideas for elaboration. It's actually very close to folding origami, which folding principles is one of main concepts of complexity and beauty in the game. The game will be based on polygon art (flat for now). You can find more informations about the project on official social profiles and blog.

”The game itself is gorgeous. It combines a sharp-edged origami art style with a brightly-colored Mexican flair. It looks like Día de los Muertos decorations had a baby with paper Pokémon.”


“As to the game itself, it’s said to take place around Asia and seems to be a brawler or fighting game of some kind as it follows a character that the creator describes as “Pokemon samurai with weapons and spells.” Apparently, they’re trying to emphasize both the cute and terrifying in this character, as they look adorable but are actually deadly – the game also has decapitations with blood spurting everywhere.”


One of the main pillars will be the avatar itself. With it you will move around the world. It should have a bit of samurai and mexican warrior elements. I emphasize the Asian landscape and cute creatures originating from various anime products. Graphics should be breathing in Japanese style with distinct Tokyo - european style. The concept is based on cuteness but also on darkness with horror elements.
Kind of Pokemon samurai with weapons and spells. I am trying to implement both the element of cuteness and the more terrifying side of your future game character you will be able to modify. Some characters will remind bugs and insect in general, others will resemble cute animals like owls and cats. You will be able to create and modify your own character with unique mask.
You can find more informations about the project on official social profiles and blog.

As in other projects the community is very important for Bukkaku.
And as it's about connecting users, it must be built as soon
is possible.

Enter a join the Bukkaku community.

You will be able to connect your character with it's game world and not only.
You will be able to get in this unique japanese/mexican
style. There will be growing many interesting things.

If you are impressed by this project, you can watch it's progress on our channels and profiles.

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